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Medical Oxygen
Concentrator A-35

The A35 is a New Generation Oxygen Concentrator with large information screen, With Adjustable Flow rate starting from 0.1L/min up to 5L/min, oxygen concentration can reach over 93%
  • Steady and Durable - High Precision Oil-Free Compressor, Adopted from German Technology, High Efficiecy. Low Noise, Low Temperature, Durable
  • Oxygen concentration 93% : The A35 has Double Molecular Sieve to produce a steady and continuos high Oxygen Concentration.
  • Use oxygen and nebulization together - The oxygen and nebulization can be switched at any time to meet your needs.
  • 10 Million Negative Ions: Negative ions can pass through human cells and be absorbed by the human body together with oxygen, which can improve your health
  • What's Included: Oxygen Concentrator/ Nasal Cannula / Headset Diffuser / Oxygen Mask / Oxygen Bag / Air Inlet Filter / Nebulizer Mask / Power Cord / User Manual 
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